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Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
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Winter & Spring Fun -Taylorsville-

We had a blast celebrating the last few weeks of winter and the coming of spring! We melted ice cubes with warm water to retrieve hidden objects inside them. Some of us got animals while others got flowers. Our sensory bin had big blocks of ice that we sprinkled with kosher salt and neon colors! It was fun to watch tunnels and burrows form as salt melted the ice:). We also used Epsom salt and blue paint to create beautiful sparkly winter sceneries! Did you know you can use Borax to make snowflakes?! Ours turned out really cool! For snack, we fixed ourselves snowman rice cakes, snow flake tortillas, and snow flake balls with cream cheese and graham crackers:). When spring arrived, we crumbled colorful tissue paper and glued them to our classroom tree for decoration. Our shelves got filled with mesmerizing spring lessons! Aren’t the polka dot eggs we painted just lovely?! Did you know that we rolled wooden eggs in paint and produced stunning art work?! For spring snacks, we made Ritz flowers with crackers and fruits, and bird nest candy with Cho Mein noodles, melted chocolate chips and chocolate eggs. YUM!