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Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
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Thanksgiving and More -Taylorsville-

We continue to enjoy Autumn lessons! We made pumpkin volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar, played with pumpkin seeds slime and created our own booklets about the different parts of a pumpkin…During the weeks preceding Thanksgiving, our classroom shelves were filled with lessons about the story of Thanksgiving, corn and cranberries. We rubbed corn, made corn prints, sprouted Indian corn, and tweezed kernels off Indian corn cobs. Our sink or float lesson had kernels, cobs, cranberries and other Fall vegetables and fruits to experiment with:). Our sensory bins were filled with cranberries…Did you know you can also paint with them?! It was a lot of fun! For snack, we made popcorn, baked cranberry bread and fixed ourselves some delicious corn fritters with sour cream! Ever heard of Giuseppe Arcimboldo?! He was an Italian painter who created imaginary portraits with fruits, vegetables, fish and books. We got to match pictures of many of his artwork:). The pandemic didn’t stop us from having our annual Thanksgiving celebration! This year, we held it outdoors. Our parents dressed up as Natives. We dressed up as Pilgrims. Each one of us greeted their parents with a rose then we sang the Thanksgiving songs we’ve been practicing for weeks…After that, we all feasted on scrumptious food! Have you noticed our beautiful Mayflower boats?! We made them out of clay, then stuffed them with Bugles (for cornucopias), m and m’s and candy corn:). Happy Thanksgiving!