Sykesville: (410) 970-6181 Mt. Airy: (667) 367-2311
Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
Mt. Airy: (667) 367-2311

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Summer Fun -Sykesville-

Summer is a lot of fun at our school! We did shaving cream marbling, made sand candles, splatter painted shirts, and created sculptures with plaster strips:). We also juiced oranges, dried their peels, and crushed cinnamon sticks to make some sweet smelling sachet bags! Did you know that we have a solar oven at our school?! We used it to bake apple crisps and cranberry pumpkin scones! YUMMY! Did you see the cool sun catchers we made with resin and ink?!!! The “funnest” part was bursting the bubbles that formed on the surface with an air gun! Ever heard of a heat gun?!!! We used it to heat rocks and melt crayons to decorate them:). Now to celebrate America’s Birthday, we made some beautiful fireworks art, experimented with glowing milk and black light, fixed edible flags, and enjoyed delicious homemade hamburgers:).