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Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
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Summer Fun -Part IV-

More summer fun at Ava Wanas!!!

We made some cool sun catchers with glue, food color and dish washing soap:).

The sachet bags we filled with red cedar and lavender smell so good!!!
Look at the cool flower pounding art we made!!! We made a lot of noise with our mallets, yet we had so much fun:).
Can you guess what those are?!!! They are balloon sculptures…We blew big white balloons, filled them with Plaster of Paris until the Plaster hardened and turned into sculptures:). Did you know that Plaster gets really warm as it hardens?!!! We had so much fun painting our sculptures:).
We made some yummy banana pudding!!! Did you know that you can still make pudding without a blender?!!! Just mix it with milk and pound it in a closed ziplock bag…We worked as a team to cut bananas, arrange Grahams crackers in a tray and mix in the pudding and some cool whip…We then sat together to enjoy this delicious snack:).

Remember the sun catchers we made with glue and food color?!!! They turned out really cool when they dried…We hung them around our classroom to decorate it:).
Look at the tie dye socks we made:).
We had a lot of fun with Mr. Bryan in Yoga class:).

The Zoo Mobile visited our school to show us some really cool animals:).

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