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Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
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President’s Day, Valentine’s and Winter Fun -Taylorsville-

Look at us having a blast in our classroom! To celebrate Valentine’s, we made French toasts with powdered sugar and strawberries, and dug for hearts in our sensory bins, among so many other cool activities! Have you seen us dressed up as George Washington?! To honor President’s Day, we fixed ourselves hoe cakes to eat with tea, just like what Washington had for breakfast! Our shelves are also filled with lessons about winter, snow and ice! We melted snow cubes by spraying them with hot water to retrieve tiny objects and made snowmen with play dough, buttons, yarn and hats…Our sensory bin had a big glowing block of ice that we covered with salt then sprayed with watercolors. We enjoyed watching tunnels and burrows form on the ice block as it melted! We are having a FunTastic winter!