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Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
Mt. Airy: (667) 367-2311

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More Summer Fun -Sykesville-

The fun is still on at our school! We made colorful necklaces with vinegar, baking soda and food colors! It was exciting to watch the mixture fizz:). We also created beautiful artwork with pendulum painting…Did you know that you can use cabbage and turmeric to dye fabrics?!!! Ours look pretty in their frames:). We melted crayons to make Lego ones and made some sweet smelling citrus soap:). We used a special potion called “liquid nitrogen” to make vanilla and strawberry ice cream, splatter painted canvas with neon paint, marbled with liquid starch and paint on wood, pounded flowers to create beautiful flower flags, painted with mud, and grated chalk pastel to make suncatchers! Our solar oven is so cool! We used it to make sweet potato dippers, goat cheese quiche, and s’mores. Every week, we fix ourselves a different kind of smoothie…We tried honeydew with cucumbers, grapes, and mint leaves that we collected from our garden. We also made papaya smoothie and lemonade. Happy 5th Birthday, Emmy:).