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Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
Mt. Airy: (667) 367-2311

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Endless Summer Fun -Sykesville-

We continue to enjoy our summer camp at school! We juiced oranges then used the rinds to make bird feeders. Have you seen the cool people sculptures we made with plaster strips?!!! We had so much fun dressing them up:). We also loved pouring resin on acrylic sheets and created beautiful art works:). Going on nature walks is one of our favorite things to do…This time, we went on one to collect leaves to rub with charcoal and design a beautiful collage! As for snacks, we used our solar oven to make delicious fruit compote French toast with banana smoothie on the side, and cheddar and broccoli quiche that we devoured…Did you know we got to smash paint with berries, casted cars, flowers and robots with rising foam, dipped different objects in paint to create beautiful fabric art and painted with bubbles and food colors?:). Happy Third Birthday, Scarlett:).