Sykesville: (410) 970-6181 Mt. Airy: (667) 367-2311
Sykesville: (410) 970-6181
Mt. Airy: (667) 367-2311
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Our History

Both of our locations now offer an MSDE-recognized kindergarten program. Our kindergarten children have an excellent and rare opportunity to be in a classic, carefully-designed and enriched Montessori environment that offers lessons in math, language, writing, reading, science and various cultural areas. In such an environment, the children experiment with concrete materials that help them understand abstract concepts such as how big is a thousand, and how many tens are there in a hundred. This is where the children get to manipulate concrete materials rather than textbooks and worksheets, and thus develop a strong foundation for their lifetime learning.

Our kindergarten children are enthusiastic readers! Their faces shine with pride and joy after reading a book. They look forward to doing their comprehension exercises and coloring their beautiful pictures. They rush to the pencil holders to grab a bunch of pencils and color a picture or write cursive letters and sometimes their whole names in cursive.