Why Ava Wanas is Unique?

Marie’s first exposure to a Montessori environment opened her eyes as well as her heart to a wonderful way of treating and interacting with children. To her, it felt like finding what she has been looking for. Marie then decided to read more about the Montessori way and the more she learned the fonder she became of Montessori’s findings and observations. Seeing how Montessori’s achievements were misinterpreted and exploited over the years, pushed Marie to dream of starting a school that feels like a second home to the child. She wanted a place where the child is free to learn and explore in a warm, loving, and happy environment, just like Maria Montessori did more than a century ago.

Affordable Tuition

Nowadays’ hefty cost and poor quality of child care bothered Marie. That’s why she strives to offer affordable tuition while maintaining her program’s high quality of care for children. Our tuition is highly competitive and includes home-made lunches and healthy snacks.



Our Program

Our pre-school and Kindergarten programs provide your children with hands-on, fun and engaging learning experience they will never forget; and allow them to build a life-time strong foundation for their academic, social and emotional development. During summer, we receive visitors, go on field trips and engage in exceptional outdoor activities. In the afternoons, our older children enjoy doing their academic work while the younger ones take a nap. The cultural diversity of our program gives your children the opportunity to hear other languages, cook ethnic dishes, and dress like different people from around the globe. Our children will grow to be peaceful and accepting individuals. It is indeed an “education for life,” like Montessori said! Because we want as many children as possible to benefit from our program, we offer flexible enrollment options that allow you to choose between three to five days for various time segments during the day.

Nature Friendly

Best of all, Ava Wanas has a spacious outdoor area; a large grassy lot; three organic garden plots; a chicken coop; a large play-set; and water sprinklers for the summertime. Our play ground is designed to encourage children to use their imagination thus enhancing their creativity.

Education is not something which the teacher does, but is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being - Maria Montessori