Our Staff


Montessori Directress

Miss Maria is one of our Montessori Directresses. She grew up in Peru and got her Bachelor's Degree in Education there. When she came to the United States, Miss Maria was introduced to the Montessori philosophy. She became very fond of it and... Read more

Owner and Montessori Directress

Marie Atalla is the founder and owner of Ava Wanas Montessori School. She grew up in Cairo, Egypt in a French Catholic school and studied for her BA and MA in Economics at the American University in Cairo. She was introduced to the Montessori... Read more

Teacher Aide

Miss Rajasi Joshi is one of our teacher's aides. Miss Raji grew up in India and studied for her Bachelor's Degree in Science there. Miss Raji's relationship with the school started as a parent. She became very fond of the Montessori philosophy... Read more

Assistant Teacher

Miss Soraya is one of our Teacher's Assistants. She grew up in El Salvador. When she was ten, she moved with her mother to the United States. She studied for her Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education at the Antialian University in Puerto Rico.... Read more