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Thanksgiving 2016

We had a lot of fun celebrating Thanksgiving this year...The children dressed as pilgrims and happily received their parents who dressed as Natives:). They have been working hard on practicing their Thanksgiving song and were very proud to sing it to their parents on the party day:). It was a happy day for everyone...Happy Thanksgiving:).


Our classrooms are bursting with fall colors and leaves!!! We rubbed leaves, learned about their different names and made prints too. We dug into pumpkins, got the seeds out and carved them...We made beautiful Jack-O-Lanterns with orange shaving cream and glue. Did you know that you can make french toasts and donuts with pumpkin?! We made them and they tasted so YUMMY!!! We also enjoyed making pumpkin pies...Celebrating Fall is so much fun:).


Our Cool Monarch Butterflies!!!

Did you know we have a Monarch Way Station?! We got to watch how Monarch caterpillars feed on milkweed leaves until they get big enough to build their chrysalises, then emerge as beautiful butterflies:). In the classroom, we got to learn about the names of the butterfly's body parts as well as the different kinds of butterflies. We even made butterfly snacks with celery sticks, cream cheese and raisins!!! It was a lot of fun:).



At the beginning of every Autumn, we like to celebrate our harvest festival by receiving a group of dancers from a different country. This year, we were so happy to welcome a Polish group of children dancers! In spite of the rain, everybody enjoyed the music, the dances and the food. For the preceding couple of weeks, we have been learning about Poland in the classroom. We looked at pictures of people and places, colored the flag and baked Polish cookies with pecans...We even tried on traditional Polish costumes:). A story teller visited us to read us Polish folk stories. After she was done, we all sat together for an elegant tea party!!!

Our Cool Monarch Caterpillars!

Have you ever watched a Monarch Caterpillar chrysalis?

We were so lucky to catch this moment today. It's breathtaking! The children absolutely loved it. Their facial expressions were just priceless! In a couple of weeks, we will be releasing butterflies in our Monarch way station :)


We strive to give our children a learning experience that they can enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives!!!


Come and look at some of our cool art work...We also enjoy learning about the world and making our own maps!!!