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Holidays 2017

We had a blast celebrating the holidays this year! We made our own candles out of wax sheets...We learned that bees give us wax! We even received a guest from the Carroll County Bees Association. He showed us hives and wax. It was really cool. Gabriella's grand parents came to ur school to talk to us about Hannukah...We got to see the menorah and enjoyed a dreidle snack made with marshmallows and chocolate...Yummy! Did we got to dip marshmallows in melted chocolate then rolled them in crushed in pepper mint candy?! 

Thanksgiving 2017

We had a lot of fun learning about the story of Thanksgiving! We got to dress up as Native Americans and Pilgrims and learn about their cultures...We looked at a lot of pictures! We even baked paw paw cookies and tweezed Indian corn...On the day before Thanksgiving, our parents came to the school dressed up as Native Americans. We dressed up as Pilgrims, greeted them with roses and sang a couple of songs to them...After that, we all sat together to enjoy a delicious feast! Happy Thanksgiving:).


We had a lot of fun celebrating Independence Day! We learned about the story of our country's birthday and made fireworks art with glitter. We even used green ice cream cups to prepare edible Statue of Liberty torches:). It was so YUMMY...Happy Birthday, America:).


We kicked off our summer camp with dancing and singing to African drums!!! In the summer, we like to put our bathing suits on and go outside to play in the sprinkler. While we are outside, we enjoy making cool projects like castings, candles, sun catchers and yarn stamping:). Did we mention baking breads, preparing fresh lemonade to enjoy with s'mores:). This year, we got to visit an alpacas' farm...We saw rabbitts, chickens, donkeys, sheep and peacocks! We are having a FUNtastic summer!!! Stay tuned for more pictures:).



We wish all of our graduates the best of luck!!! We are going to miss you:). Thank you Miss Soraya for the yummy cake and the beautiful decoartions:).



It rained so heavily right before our garden party started...That didn't stop us from going on with our plans! In fact, the children turned the little puddle into a major source of happy entertainment. The looks and smiles on their faces as they were jumping and playing in the puddle, were just priceless:).


Thailand is such a fun country to learn about...Did you know that Thai people love to eat rice with mangoes?! We got to prepare and eat that dish, among other delicious Thai dishes! We also learned about the special rice steamer people use in Thailand. It's so cool. We looked at so many pictures from Thailand and had fun trying traditional Thai clothes on. Did we mention that we got to decorate elephants and color the Thai flag?! It was fun, fun, fun...

A Peek Into Our Classroom

Our children enjoy their time in the classroom! For the past few months, they have been busy rubbing snowflakes, learning about our presidents and celebrating Valentine's...Did I mention making animal foot prints out of plaster, melting wax and painting with straws?!!!


We talked about diversity to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We made our own hand prints with white, yellow and brown paint on a poster that has Dr. King's picture on it. We also got to punch little people in different colors to make colorful paper chains to decorate our classrooms...The swirled cookies we made out of brown and white dough were fun to roll and yummy to eat:). Out teachers showed us that brown and white eggs look different on the outside yet are the same on the inside. The same applies to us. We are all friends even though we look different. Happy Birthday Dr. King! Your dream has come true:).



We had a lot of fun celebrating the holidays this year! We made edible Christmas trees with ice cream cones, green icing and lots of candy. The pine cones we decorated with glitter looked so festive! We also made candles with beeswax sheets and learned that bees give us wax. What an opportunity it was for us to learn about bees, their body parts, their names and their life cycles. Did I mention that we celebrated Hannukah too?!!! We got to learn about the Menorah and play with the dreidels. Miss Marie made us homemade latkes...Oh they were so yummy especially with sour cream on top!!!